Saturday, September 02, 2006

Women Teaching Men

What does the Bible have to say about women teaching men? I realize that this is a divisive issue, but we do well to study it. In fact, we do well to study all that the Bible has to say, regardless of the uncomfortability (better yet, fear) factor associated with particular doctrines.

Nevertheless Jim Hamilton has written a helpful article entitled, "May Women Teach Men at Church?" on his blog, For His Renown. In fact, he gives one of the clearest explanations that I have read of 1 Timothy 2:15, which is a legitimately difficult passage to interpret. What exactly is Paul referring to when he writes of women being saved through childbearing? I leave you with Hamilton's understanding of the passage in order to whet your appetite to read the article:

They are not saved through the meritorious work of childbearing, but when by faith they embrace their role as women they show that they are born again. The most prominent way in which women embrace their roles as females is through childbearing, which men cannot do. But lest anyone think Paul is talking about women accomplishing their own salvation through childbearing, he adds, “if they continue in faith. . .” I take this to mean that childbearing is evidence that a woman has embraced her role as a woman, which is evidence that she has genuine faith.

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