Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Time to Sing the Doxology!

I meant to announce this sooner, but the Lord has graciously provided me a place to live! Praise be His name! Just days after publishing my entry about looking for a place to live, a friend of mine at work, Jennifer, called me about a rooming opportunity. She knew a guy whose roommate left unexpectedly just days prior without any notice. The Lord absolutely amazed me by such a timely request. When it looked as if there was no hope of me finding a place, the Lord opened an opportunity for me.

Truly, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!" This answer had nothing to do with my efforts. The truth is that someone called me about an opportunity. It was not an answer that came about because of my ingenuity or apartment-finding skills. The Lord truly plopped this one in my lap. I still stand amazed in all of this, and I'm extremely grateful for God's faithfulness, even when I am not always faithful to Him.

I encourage you to keep trusting in God even in the midst of personal difficulties. Just weeks ago, I was despairing, and now I am experiencing the joy of answered prayers! I pray that my testimony will be a benediction to your faith in the Savior!

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