Monday, September 04, 2006

In Search of a Home...

I was just praying about my housing situation, and it struck me that I should bring my petition before other Christians who read my blog.

To make a long story very short, I'm in need of a place to live. The fire department of Jeffersonville, IN is buying our property, and our landlord has agreed to sell it. We only have a few weeks to find a place to live. This process started in February, and although we kept hearing new information every month, it seemed, things have now been finalized. The nail is in the coffin, so to speak, and I found out a few days ago that we will be forced to find a place to live before the end of this month (quite possibly, in less than a couple of weeks).

Even in the midst of all of this anxious mess, I fully believe in the goodness of God! I know that He has a place picked out for me, even if I do not know what that is.

I must admit that I've been reluctant to publicly write something like this...To be honest, I don't like to be seen as "needy." However, I'm in dire need of a place to live, and I need the prayers of other saints. As I was praying just now even, I just had to be honest before the Lord and say that I'm scared that I don't know where I'll be living by the end of this month.

After I prayed about the situation, I was reminded of the lyrics to an old hymn by Samuel Rodigast entitled, "Whate'er My God Ordains is Right." I'm particularly struck by the lines of the 4th verse:

Whate’er my God ordains is right,
Here shall my stand be taken
Though sorrow, need, or death be mine,
Yet I am not forsaken
My Father’s care
Is round me there
He holds me that I shall not fall
And so to Him I leave it all

The hymnist confirms that he has made a choice and confirms his belief that whatever God ordains is right. In the same way, I think that we, as believers, must decide ahead of time to take the bold stance of recognizing that those things that God causes to happen in our lives are good and right. This is most definitely a bold position, and we must determine to believe it before the troubles come or else we will be prone to view God as somehow unfaithful toward us.

I'm scrambling for a place to live, yet I know that God has ordained this for His glory and my good. It is right. And though worries and anxieties attempt to rob the joy and peace that is rightfully mine as a child of the Sovereign Lord of the universe who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, I know that I am in the caring hands of a loving Father who causes these things to happen to me and already has a provision in place to supply my need. Truly, I know...

"He holds me that I shall not fall
And so to Him I leave it all."

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