Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why I Admire Dr. Mohler

I have admired and respected Dr. Mohler for several years now, and I'd like to quickly note a few reasons:

1. He is an articulate defender of the Christian faith. Long before I knew much about Southern Seminary, a friend of mine would call and tell me when Dr. Mohler would be on the various news programs. I was always amazed at the clear and calm defense he gave of the Christian faith.

2. He is responsible for bringing reform to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. For that reason, he's either loved or hated by Southern Baptists. I for one love and appreciate him for his service in that regard. I know of others who have stated that they would get a certain degree from our institution, but they wouldn't accept "a degree with Al Mohler's name on it." And, many of my co-workers at one of my jobs highly disdain Dr. Mohler, and he has been the source of jokes, off-hand remarks, etc. I know of others who blame Dr. Mohler for everything that goes wrong on campus. If you find a roach in the dorm room, it must be Dr. Mohler's fault. But, I digress. Let's just say that while there are others who highly disagree with me in my respect for Dr. Mohler, some of those same people have acknowledged that at least he is clear about his beliefs.

3. He is courageous enough to speak up on issues where most of the church dares to speak. I have seen Dr. Mohler berated for his position on women in ministry, and I have seen him defend the exclusivity of Christ while being yelled at by a Jewish rabbi. He has the courage to speak where I often shrink back, and I pray that the Lord will grant me that same courage to declare the whole counsel of Scripture in the face of opposition.

4. He is not afraid to have some fun! Click here to see Dr. Mohler in a battle for the wits! (I must admit that this was my main reason for this post. However, I couldn't write a post like this without first expressing my admiration for the president of the institution where I attend. Enjoy the video!)


jennifer said...

That's hilarious! And did you know that Dr. Mohler has been slaughtered in video games by Mark Dever? Things like that just remind me that even men like Dr. Mohler and Mark Dever are humans, too, and I should be careful not to idolize them.

Kenny Wells said...

I wasn't able to attend chapel yesterday, but I heard that they showed that video in chapel. Someone told me that they should really use that as marketing because it helps show Dr. Mohler's wit. I must say that I enjoy a Christian leader who has a good sense of humor.

I think they should do a series of videos like that and put them on! What's so funny is that he is all decked out with his suit and cuff links, his normal job attire, and he's sitting around playing high-brow games like tic-tac-toe! lol

Anyhow, I'm glad you enjoyed the video! :o)