Friday, August 11, 2006

The Gospel & Sound Theology...On TBN???

If you haven't heard, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) had some good theology on broadcast last night and gospel presentations that were not watered down or some form of the health-and-wealth false gospel.

I happened to catch the program, hosted by Kirk Cameron of Way of the Master, while Tedd Tripp was on the screen. Tripp and his brother Paul are a part of the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation, an organization that offers resources for a biblical approach to Christian counseling.

The Reformed Evangelist has a new post about this with links to the program.

By the way, check out Way of the Master. It's really fascinating, and I find myself emboldened to share my faith (as well as convicted by my frequent timidity) after I watch or listen to their television and radio programs.

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I can probably tell you this in person right now, you're sitting right there in the library. But I'm gonna comment, it's more interesting. You can put your blog on the SBTS Metablog., check it out.