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Annotated Listing of Links (Ministries & Resources)

My prayer is that these links will provide a great help to you in your Christian life and ministry. Realize that I don't wholeheartedly support any of these sites. However, I am in agreement with much of what you'll find here. There are many excellent resources out there on the internet, and I pray that my simple annotated listing will introduce you to some of the excellent ministries led by servants of God.

If you have a website that you think deserves a spot on the list, feel free to suggest it in the comments portion of this page.

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9Marks—Few ministries strive for church reform as much as 9Marks ministries. Mark Dever’s goal is to reform the local church, and he sees nine marks that make up a biblical church. My favorite part of the 9Marks ministry is the wonderful collection of interviews with various church leaders. Be sure and visit the website, if for that reason alone! The articles are also invaluable, as well.

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals—This ministry has some excellent material for those who love the gospel. I especially enjoy the various articles written by top-notch theologians. This is definitely an organization worth supporting.

Alpha and Omega Ministries
—I discovered this ministry of James White during middle school due to an on-going dialogue I had with a Roman Catholic apologist. Alpha and Omega Ministries has excellent material on various groups, including Roman Catholicism. The focus of his ministry is apologetics, and he especially focuses on Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, King-James-Onlyism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, as well as Reformed doctrine. I especially commend “The Dividing Line” radio program to you!

Archives and Special Collections (SBTS)--If you're a Southern Baptist, it's no secret that The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has a fascinating history. I encourage you to check out the Archives and Special Collections website of SBTS. You'll be able to become well-informed of the history of this great institution as you come across captivating stories, quotes, and facts about SBTS. It's worth your time to take more than just a glance!

Banner of Truth Trust--This organization publishes many good books, including those in the Puritan Paperbacks series. Two of the books that have influenced my life the most are both published by this company: Richard Sibbes' The Bruised Reed and Arthur Bennett's collection of Puritan prayers entitled The Valley of Vision.

Baptist Theology--The Center for Theological Research at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary maintains this ministry, which consists of an exposition of Baptist theological distinctives. At the time of this posting, one of the White Papers deals with the subject, "What Makes Baptism Valid?" very useful material can be found here. I especially draw your attention to the NET Bible that they offer. It is a new translation that offers notes from the translators concerning their translation of the texts.

Bible Bulletin Board--As the title implies, this site began as a bulletin board when I was a few years old and before the birth of the world wide web. The value of this site lies in the fact that it has literally hundreds of transcripts of John MacArthur's sermons, including the Q&A section where John MacArthur has responded to questions offered during services at the church he serves. He also offers sermons and resources from Charles Spurgeon, George Whitfield, Thomas Watson, Jonathan Edwards, and J.C. Ryle. Don't miss this resource! It's been around for a long time for a reason.

Biblical Spirituality--This ministry, The Center for Biblical Spirituality, is dedicated to helping believers grow in their faith. Much of what claims the name spirituality is divorced from the Bible's teaching on the matter. In that regard, I recommend Dr. Whitney's book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life.

Capitol Hill Baptist Church--I must admit that I've never been to Washington, D.C. While I hope to go one day and visit the usual tourist sites, I mostly want to go visit this church, pastored by Mark Dever, the founder of 9Marks ministries. The church website offers sermons available for download free of charge, so please avail yourself of this opporunity.

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics--CRTA offers a wide variety of materials concerning doctrine and apologetics (a defense of the faith). While I do not agree with all of the articles and resources on this site, it is mostly helpful and worth including on this list.

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry--CARM is one of the best apologetics resources on the web, hands down! The founder, Matt Slick, offers articles on a plethora of cults and other groups. You'll probably want to bookmark this one!

Christian Classics Ethereal Library--This site is a gem when it comes to biblical and theological resources throughout church histories. From the early church fathers to the full text of Calvin's commentaries, you'll find a repository of wonderful material at one site. This is truly an outstanding resource!

The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood--As you can tell by the title of this organization, CBMW is not afraid to address the heated topics of sexuality and gender-related issues. They take a complementarian position, which means that they recognize God-ordained role distinctions according to gender including, for example, the biblical prescription for a male-only pastorate. This is an incredibly politically incorrect stance, but the CBMW's goal is to declare the Bible's position on matters relating to gender and sexuality, regardless of public opinion. For that, I thank them!

Covenant Theological Seminary (Free Classes)
--While you may feel free to go to the seminary's homepage, I particularly wanted to link to their Covenant Worldwide page. The seminary has amazingly offered some of its course available for download, including audio files of the lectures, podcast subscriptions, and PDF files of the lecture notes and even syllabi! This is a most unique offer, and I'm thrilled to link to this resource!

Desiring God--John Piper is the founder of this ministry, which takes his name from one of his most well-known, influential books--Desiring God. He is one of the best preachers living today, and probably one of the very few whose books will still be read 100 years from now.

First Presbyterian Church (Jackson, MS)--Dr. J. Ligon Duncan, III is the pastor of this church. He has been invited to The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to speak on several occasions. He is a faithful expositor of Scripture, and they offer MP3 downloads of sermons preached at their services of worship.

Getty Music--Keith and Kristyn Getty are musicians dedicated to writing new, theologically-sound, God-glorifying lyrics of faith for corporate services of worship. Their goal is not to be Christian pop stars. Nearly all of their material is written for congregational singing. I have used and highly recommend using their songs in services of worship.

Grace to You--This website offers resources by Dr. John MacArthur, including free daily devotionals and broadcasts of Grace to You radio programs. Dr. MacArthur has authored one of the best study Bibles available, and I frequently consult The MacArthur Study Bible.

The Henry Institute--This ministry of cultural engagement is led by one of my personal heroes, Dr. Russell D. Moore. It was in one of Dr. Moore's theology class and due to his comments that I realized I was lost and came to know Christ. Dr. Moore took the time to come to my church and baptize me. I find his writing very engaging and his sermons to be astute and often convicting. I especially find the many Henry Institute-sponsored forums to be very informative and edifying.

Indelible Grace--This ministry has done a service to the church by offering recordings and songbooks of old hymn texts married to a more contemporary style. Some of my favorite songs come from their CD recordings. They are affiliated with the Reformed University Fellowship, which is also included in this annotated listing.

Ligonier Ministries--Dr. R.C. Sproul is the founder of this ministry, as well as the teacher of its Renewing Your Mind radio program. I had the immense privilege of hearing Dr. Sproul teach on the holiness and justice of God during the spring of 2006. Some of his audio materials on apologetics shaped much of my understanding in high school, and I am thankful for Dr. Sproul's faithful ministry.

Living Waters--This is the publishing and resource arm of Way of the Master ministries. They offer several of Ray Comfort's sermons available for free download in various formats, including "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True and False Conversion."

Monergism--This site offers numerous free articles and other resources, including links to many Puritan books offered free in complete form. If anything, it's well worth the effort to bookmark the "Free Online Christian Books" section.

Reformed University Fellowship--The RUF a campus ministry that is found on 110 college and university campuses. They offer an excellent ministry to college students that goes beyond pizza fellowships and ultimate frisbee, and I highly recommend their RUF hymnal resource.

RUF Hymnbook--The Reformed University Fellowship has done the church an excellent service in offering this resource to us. I have included some of their songs in worship services and times of personal devotion.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary--SBTS is one of the best theological seminaries in the world! I am proud of this institution, which includes the college I currently attend, Boyce College. SBTS holds a unique and influential place in the life of the Southern Baptist Convention. This seminary offers Christian scholarship that is unabashedly Christian, conservative, evangelical, and Baptist.

Sovereign Grace Ministries--SGM lies somewhere between an independent ministry and a denomination. The Leadership Team of the movement is led by C.J. Mahaney, who has literally written the book on humility, Humility: True Greatness, as well as The Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing. Please be sure and check our their music page.

The Spurgeon Archive--I believe that the title says it all. You'll find an immense offering of sermons and writings by Charles Spurgeon. He is still referred to many times as the "Prince of Preachers," and one of the greatest preachers since the apostle Paul. While it's hard to verify the truth of these statements, they may not be very exaggerated at all. Either way, my heart has been oft encouraged by Spurgeon's writings.

Truth for Life--If you've heard a preacher with a Scottish accent preaching on Christian radio stations, it could very well be Alistair Begg, the founder of Truth for Life ministries. I had the opportunity of hearing Begg speak in person at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and he has been invited to give homiletical addresses on campus. I enjoy listening to Alistair Begg very much, and he doesn't shy away from proclaiming the full counsel of the Word of God.

Way of the Master--Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron offer this ministry to believers as a means of encouraging other Christians to evangelize. They base their ministry on the use of the law in evangelism, and not simply by speaking to felt needs. Their method is wonderfully biblical.

Way of the Master Radio--This program is hosted by Todd Friel, and features Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort, and other guests. They often do live, on-the-air evangelism, and it's both exciting and educational, as well as a bit convicting if you don't share your faith regularly.

White Horse Inn--Radio programs like this are hard to come by. Michael Horton, Kim Riddlebarger, Ken Jones, and Rod Rosenbladt host this apologetically-minded, culturally-engaging, Bible-saturated radio program. It doesn't hurt their cause that they have R.C. Sproul often as their guest, as well.

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