Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Annotated Listing of Links (Blog Roll)

I thought it might be helpful to provide an annotated listing of the links that I have provided. My design is to give you information on why I chose to link to each of these blogs. Some of the following blogs are helpful for their theological and practical content for Christian living, others are helpful in providing a clean and entertaining diversion from the daily stress of life, and others are blogs by good friends of mine that may fall into one or both of the above categories.

Finally, keep in mind that I don't agree wholeheartedly with the blogs listed below. If I find major theological errors on the following blogs, I may choose to take them off the blog roll. Otherwise, I have found most of these blogs to be extremely helpful and/or entertaining.

Happy Browsing!

Angela C. Starnes—Angela and I have been friends for years since my first semester when we were in Dr. Turner’s voice studio together. She is a faithful friend and a committed believer. She writes her blog mostly to give her family and friends updates on her life. However, she often writes tacit articles about her personal experience as a believer, and these often prove to be an encouragement to me.

Authentic Truth—I cannot remember how I discovered this blog, but the author writes from a Reformed, Dispensational, and Baptistic background. If you visit, be sure and peruse his material on the Emerging/Emergent Church movement.

Between Two Worlds—Most evangelical blog rolls include this blog by Justin Taylor, for good reason! The strength of this blog lies in the many links to current events and issues of theological concern. He’s one of the preeminent evangelical bloggers, to be sure, and I highly recommend his blog.

Biblical Foundations—This blog by Dr. K√∂stenburger contains information on several issues including: New Testament studies, marriage and family concerns, as well as the Da Vinci code craze that has swept the nation. He is a top-notch scholar Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and although his blog is normally updated only a few times each month, the articles are well worth reading.

ChangedbyHim—Paul Helms is at the helm of this blog, and he writes from a Reformed perspective. He’s a good friend of mine that I’ve only met in person a few times, but we share a heart for the gospel and the glory of God. Paul is actually a very capable and articulate poet of the Christian faith as well as the daily experience of Christian living, and you’ll find much of his poetry scattered throughout his blog.

Challies—Challies is one of the most useful blogs to be found in the world of evangelical blogs. Challies freely uses the following labels to identify himself: Christian, Protestant, Reformed, Evangelical, Conservative, and Searching (and I would add Baptist, as he attends a Reformed Baptist church). I recommend checking out his “A La Carte” section daily! Great stuff!

Conventional Thinking—Dr. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, inaugurated this blog as an avenue to discuss issues pertinent to Southern Baptists. While the blog takes the approach of an in-house dialogue with other fellow Southern Baptists, much of the material found here is valuable even if one is not familiar with the inner workings of life in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Dr. Mohler’s Blog—Dr. Mohler’s blog covers issues ranging from politics and culture to concerns in contemporary theology. He can be found frequently on Larry King Live and other media outlets defending the conservative, evangelical position on cultural issues. While his blog is not light-reading, it is frequently helpful and typically very current in its focus.

Faith and Practice
—This blog is a great resource when thinking about issues of discernment. The authors frequently approach contemporary theological issues and how evangelicals are to approach various theological viewpoints. Plus, there’s also some funny stuff found here from time to time!

For His Renown—Dr. Hamilton is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at the Houston Park Campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has written some excellent posts on various theological issues that I have found to be very helpful.

Founders Ministries Blog—This blog is maintained by Dr. Tom Ascol, the Executive Director of Founders Ministries, an organization of Reformed-minded Southern Baptists. Much of this blog focuses upon current struggles within the Southern Baptist Convention as well as issues pertaining to Reformed theology.

JollyBlogger—JollyBlogger writes from a Reformed (PCA) perspective, and he frequently writes about something he’s read. I have found much of what he has written to be helpful, and he often draws my attention to helpful resources.

Josh Harris—While he is best known as the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Joshua Harris also writes a wonderful blog! He’ll often post chunks of material from his books or sermons, so be sure and check this site out from time to time.

Pulpit--If you enjoy John MacArthur and Grace to You ministries, be sure and check out the Pulpit blog. As I’ve come to expect from MacArthur, this blog is quite bold, and it addresses issues of concerns to pastors and ministers from a very conservative, Reformed perspective.

Purgatorio—This blog makes me laugh on an (almost) daily basis! He is a master of photo-essays, and he finds some of the most interesting photos found on the internet. His photos are often a way of providing a cogent critique of modern Christianity, especially the commercialism and watered-down theology that has infected the church.

Pyromaniacs—Phil Johnson of Grace to You ministries heads up this blog, and it is one of the best in the blogosphere! The theological stance of the bloggers is in line with John MacArthur’s theological positions, and (like MacArthur) they offer stinging evaluations of modern Christianity. The posts can be long at times, but they are quite substantive and worth the read. This is one blog that I check often.

Reformation Theology
—I think that the title of this blog says it all. It provides some great theological information, and it occasionally swerves into the realm of practices. However, it’s one of the weightiest blogs that I frequent, and it could not be considered light reading, that’s for sure.

Reformation21—This is the official blog of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, and I have often been alerted to quotes, articles, current events, and other issues as a result of finding some links in the posts on this blog. I enjoy stopping by often to see if Ligon Duncan has recently written something new. It’s well worth the time to visit this site.

Reformed Baptist Thinker—The author of this blog, John Divito, is a friend of mine, and he is also a deacon at the church I formerly served, Parkwood Southern Baptist Church. John currently attends The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he serves as webmaster. When he’s not doing his webmaster duties or reading for classes, he somehow finds the time to post some excellent posts on his blog. As a former Mormon, he’s particularly knowledgeable in the area of Mormonism, and he often blogs about the goings-on in the Mormon church.

Reformed Blacks of America—This is one of the most unique blogs that I have seen, and I think the title is self-explanatory. The bloggers on this site speak openly about Reformed theology and its relationship with black evangelicalism. This is a very insightful blog!

Riddleblog—While I do not agree with some of the material on this blog, especially as relates to eschatology, I find much of what I find here to be quite useful.

SBC Outpost—SBC Outpost often takes a critical stance regarding the Southern Baptist Convention in certain areas. Although I don’t agree with the author completely, these posts have provided food for thought at times, and that is most certainly a good thing.

SBC Witness—Most of the bloggers that write for SBC Witness are current students at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. They are conservative and proudly Baptist, and I have enjoyed much of what I have read in their posts.

The Conventicle—I cannot remember exactly how I discovered this blog, but just as the SBC Witness blog, it is a blog operated mostly by students. They are unabashedly fond of the Puritans, and they have often drawn my attention to many good resources.

The Reformed Evangelist—It’s rare to find a blog devoted to the topic of evangelism, especially one coming from a Reformed perspective! I’m thankful for the presence of this blog in the blogosphere, and it provides a much-needed balance to the questionable evangelistic methods often used accompanied with equally questionable theological presuppositions. You probably won’t find poor methods or theology here, and that’s a relief!

Theme of my song—Jennifer is a friend of mine as well as a co-worker here in the music and audio-visual library at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary library. She is a very patient person and has often endured my theological rants and venting. Sorry, Jennifer!

Together for the Gospel—The Together for the Gospel conference was a historic event. I regret missing the conference, but I appreciate the fact that this blog, which began before the event, has continued. The men writing for this blog are some of my heroes, and I’m thankful that they have continued their dialogue for all the world to see.

Worship Matters—Bob Kauflin serves as the Director for Worship Development for Sovereign Grace Ministries. His blog entries come out of years of experience and insight into the nature and practice of worship. Kauflin has spoken frequently at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I find him to be one of the most humble worship leaders that I have met.

Last Updated on 1/12/2006.


jennifer said...

hey Kenny,

Found your new blog on Beth's computer. slow night at the library. I was surprised to find my blog on your list. I guess I'll have to post more now. and you know your theological rantings are always welcomed.

Kenny Wells said...


Thanks for dropping by! You have a lot of good stuff to say, and I enjoy reading what you write. All that is to say that I agree you should write more too. And, who knows, maybe the 2 or 3 people that read my blog will stop by your blog as well. lol!


Paul Helms said...


I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet through e-mail.. life goes by so quickly! I was at Southern a couple of weeks ago (but it was a last minute thing with a very tight schedule) and thought about you. I hope to visit again soon (to your enjoyment, I am considering going there next year.. which means that I have considered becoming a Baptist. Don't get too anxious though :). Anyways, next time I visit (which may be next week, if I can get an appointment) I will be sure to give you a call.

Anyhow, thank you so much for linking me. I'm honored that you like my poetry, and hope that my stance on covenant theology and amill. doesn't offend. God bless, brother.

Kenny Wells said...


You poets are too sensitive. :o) Your theological stance doesn't offend me in the least. I'm not quite the Dispensationalist that I once was. If anything, I think I could easily reject Classic Dispensationalism wholesale. I think there are some merits to Progressive Dispensationalism though, and one of top profs in the School of Theology is a P.D., Dr. Bruce Ware.

Anyhow, I'm glad to hear that you may be coming to study at Southern! I've considered enrolling at SBTS in the spring or at least the fall of 2007 (after I graduate from Boyce College), so we may be starting at around the same time.

Oh, and as for the a-mil stuff, I'd like to talk more about all of that. I really know very little about eschatology. Of course, you'd much rather deal with me than my grandfather. He always tried to convince me that anyone who wasn't pre-mil. was a liberal. :o)

Definitely let me know if you'll be back down soon.


Anonymous said...

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