Friday, February 02, 2007

Prayer Request: Alistair Begg

Alistair Begg's ministry, Truth for Life, sends out Truthlines, a monthly ministry update. In this month's edition, which I received yesterday morning and read today, Begg mentions that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It seems that the cancer is "non-aggressive, localized, and treatable." I encourage you to offer your prayers for Alistair Begg and his ministry.

I was particularly struck by a one-sentence paragraph near the end of his e-mail:

"The psalmist reminds us that our times are in His hands and so we rest content in the confidence that God is too wise to make a mistake and too kind to be cruel."
To that I say "Amen!" Although mysterious and sometimes painful, we know that everything that the Lord does is right. My prayer is that the Lord will see fit to show His glory through healing Alistair Begg. In the meantime, let us join him in praying for the Lord's will to be done.


AuthenticTruth said...

Wow. That is the same malady that struck John Piper this last year. I will certainly keep him in my prayers. I have certainly benefited from his preaching over the years.

Kenny Wells said...

This makes the 3rd evangelical leader that has been diagnosed with prostate cancer within the last year or so. In addition to Piper and Begg, David Powlison (a leader in the biblical counseling movement) was also diagnosed in 2006, I believe.

Surely it's a reminder of the frailty of these godly ministers and how much they need our prayers, as well as how much we all need Jesus, everyday.