Monday, February 19, 2007

For a Friend...

I don't normally do this kind of thing, but in honor of my good friend Moy's birthday, I told him that I would post a short list of bad pick-up lines that may be overheard at Southern Seminary. However, I offer these two disclaimers:

1. It was not my idea to post these! It was Moy's idea to put some of these up through some jokes that we had batted around. Sorry, ladies, but "The Moy" is married.

2. I have never used any of these lines, nor would I, and nor would I encourage others to do so.

Lastly, as you will notice, this list is very short, which means that we need some reader participation. If you can think of corny religious (or even quasi-religious) pick-up lines that some bookish, Southern Baptist seminarian might use, please add your suggestions in the comments section.

Enjoy, and Happy Birthday, Moy!

Pick-Up Lines One Might Hear at SBTS:

7. Do you believe in special revelation, because God revealed to me that you sure are special?

6. So, how many points are you? (Think of TULIP, not a buck.)

5. Have you considered becoming a minister's wife?

4. So, what do you think of Joshua Harris' writings?

3. God told me that you'd go out on a date with me...You don't want to call God a liar, do you?

2. Would you like to help me fulfill God's will for me to be married?

1. Your name must be Grace, because you're irresistible.


Anonymous said...

Here is one:

A wise Christian man (president of a renown Christian community)once said, "The young believer needs to be married by age 25." Well, I'm 24 and 1/2, would you please help me keep this commitment before my time runs out.

"The Moy"

WorshipLeader said...

"Now I don't normally believe in tongues, but with you, i may be able to rethink my theology"

I know it's bad, but I have actually said this to my formerly pentecostal wife.

great list kenny
and "the MOY" whoever you are?