Saturday, December 02, 2006

My New Friend

Meet my new friend, a great new resource entitled LibraryThing! It's a free resource where you can catalog your books into an online catalog. The good news is that it's free for up to 200 books. Anything over that costs $10 a year or $25 for a lifetime subscription. Still great, in my opinion!

Click here to check out what I already have catalogued in my library already. I think I catalogued 115 books yesterday, according to the stats. Please do not pity me for staying home on a Friday night cataloguing books...I rather enjoyed it!

And, for those of you who know me...Yes, I am putting my whole library into this catalog, and yes, I am putting labels on each of my books using the Library of Congress catalog numbers. I know there's probably something really wrong with me, but I get a kick out of stuff like this!

And, finally...yes, this is how some of my free time will be spent during the winter break in December and January. I'm serious, I really do enjoy this!

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