Saturday, January 27, 2007

Daily Bread

Tomorrow I will be teaching my kids about the 4th petition of what's commonly called the Lord's prayer. This simple phrase teaches us to ask the Lord for daily bread, the sustenance that we need to survive.

Sometimes I forget the good gifts of God. It is by His gracious provision that I have anything to eat. In a rare occasion, all 3 of my elementary-age students wanted to pray last week. One of the girls prayed that the Lord would help her dad to be able to make enough money to buy groceries so that they would have enough to eat. Something about that really touched me. This girl recognized that the Lord provides the basic necessities of life, and she was not ashamed to ask for God's provision even among a group of her peers.

This little girl was probably not thinking of the Lord's prayer when she was praying, but it fits so nicely with what I have studied in preparation for tomorrow's lesson. One of the things that struck me was the childlike humility she displayed in voicing her need. So often I am so reluctant to admit the needs that I have in my own life. I do not want others to see my needs or insufficiencies, those areas in which I desperately need God's grace. Instead, I am quick to cover up those blemishes. However, this little girl displayed the humility of asking someone for help, and that Someone happened to be the One who provides for her daily.

William Hendriksen in his commentary on the gospel of Matthew states:

Humility is required; hence, 'Give us....' Although the supplicant is making a living in the sweat of his brow and besides has even paid for his groceries, he must still accept what is on the table as a gift from God, a product of grace; for, not only is God the ultimate source of every blessing (James 1:17) but also, by reason of sin man has forfeited all! (p. 333)
I had never thought of it that way, but humility is required to even ask the Lord to give us our daily bread. It implies need. It implies that we need a Provider. It implies that we're not self-sufficient. It implies that God is good.

It may seem like a very simple lesson, but I pray that the Lord will always keep me humble and further humble me to recognize the areas of need in my life so that I may drop to my knees in utmost thankfulness in response to His glorious provision

Stop today and thank God today for your daily bread and the many blessings that He has sent your way.

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