Monday, November 06, 2006

The Christian and Horror Movies

John Divito serves as a deacon at Parkwood Southern Baptist Church, where I previously served as Minister of Music. I know that he has a blog and that he has also seen as many horror movies as I have seen, it seems. Since I know of his knowledge of horror movies and his keen Christian apologetical mind, I simply could not resist writing him and asking him to write about the topic. He has some good thoughts and resources, and I encourage you to check out his latest entry, "The Redemption of Horror Movies?"

For those that don't know, one of my fondest childhood memories was watching the "Howling" werewolf movies with my grandmother. We would shoot the "bad guys" when our hands weren't busy feeding our faces with apple slices, cheddar cheese wedges, and crackers. Ironically, eating healthy always went hand-in-hand with watching monsters. Don't ask me why...

Just to show you how serious of a horror aficionado that I was, I once owned the complete "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie collection on VHS. It didn't include the last movie in the series, which I had on VHS as well as DVD anyhow.

Months after my conversion, I felt it was wise to dump the whole collection in the trash. I didn't exactly have an explicit scriptural support or a well-developed theological under-pinning for that decision. I must admit that I still don't.

However, John's article helped provide another thoughtful response to a topic that is so sure to receive more heat than light.

That's why they call him the Reformed Baptist Thinker!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenny, I do have to say you and John on this horror movie thing have really got me to think. I am such a fan of CERTAIN Scary movies. But I do think since becoming a Christian certain scary movies really offend me! Anyway love your alls blogs! Robin

Kenny Wells said...

Hey Robin!

Thanks for dropping in. Unfortunately, it seems that most of my posts are of the variety of "Well...I'm not sure what to think about the issue, but here are some links to guys smarter than me." lol But, hey, if it helps people think about their actions, all the better!

I started reading a booklet called "Motives" by Ed Welch. I think they have one of those at church. I think it's important to examine our motives. It's easy to go through life just "doing" actions (almost) mindlessly. It helps put our sinful actions or those unclear areas into perspective.

Why do I want to watch horror movies? What is my motive? Could it be that watching physical pain induced on another person is a cathartic release of the pain that I have experienced or wish on others? Or, could it be (more likely) that it is easier to think of pain and death as objects to be enjoyed in a movie theater while denying their reality in everyday living?

The Bible is clear that our heart is important. We feel, and we do what we desire. However, the Bible goes deeper and challenges our desires. It also challenges us to renew our minds and have a different way of looking at things.

When I ask the above questions now as a believer, the issue of horror movies becomes a thornier issue. Bring into that my ministry, and it gives me another reason to stay away from many forms of horror movies. However, there are still some that I would watch. I just have to be more discretionary.

Anyhow, thanks again for dropping by. Continue staying faithful in the Lord, and He will continue using you as a vessel for honor and to be a light to many that you come in contact with who have not submitted themselves to Christ's yoke and come to Christ by grace through faith. Know that God is working in you for His glory and for Your good, so keep serving Him with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Grace to you!

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
I think that, from a christian perspective, horror movies are bad, because they cause are soul to lose its peace and readiness for prayer. Since it is stated in the Bible that the peace of Christ which is superior to any mind, will guard our hearts and thoughts in Christ, I think watching a horror movie is probably an offend to the work of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for reading ...