Friday, February 01, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lexie Kay Martin

To my niece, Lexie Kay Martin,       

I wrote your brother a message like this one when he was just a few hours old. So, let me start by apologizing for writing yours so late! However, I figured your 2nd birthday was a good occasion to let you know just how special you are to me and how I love you so very much!

One of the memories I have of your birth is how speedy it was! I believe I received a voicemail from your Mamaw around 8:15 PM that I checked after choir was over. Your mom was going into labor, so Papaw, Mamaw and I headed out to go experience your birth! I was all prepared for the event (I even had my tie still on from the day)! With Levi it was pretty much breakfast time by the time we left the hospital, so I remember with your birth that I was planning on stopping by Steak ‘n Shake for breakfast since I had never eaten their breakfast food. You came way before breakfast, not too many hours after we arrived at the hospital, in fact!

You were a precious baby—a good-natured, smiling, sometimes shy little one. Your grin was always so very sweet, and it gave a hint to the kind and caring personality that you will continue to exhibit, in my opinion. You were always easy to hold and seemed to take to anyone. You remind me of a lot of your mom in that way. She never met a stranger she didn’t know, and it seems you, too, made “friends” easily as just about anyone could hold you and keep you content.

Of course, my more recent memories involve you following Bubba around, laughing while he just about throws you across the room or wrestles you to the ground. You just love the attention and laugh. I think it’s a sign that you love your brother very much, and I have a feeling that you’re going to display a lot of that love through the years, the kind of love that 1 Corinthians 13 mentions.

You are also a silly one, I must admit! I love sitting at the other end of the kitchen table at Mamaw & Papaw’s while you wiggle your head or almost dance in your booster seat. I love when you gab on and on, even when we have no clue what you’re saying. In all, you’re a hoot to be around!

As you grow up, I do pray that you come to an awareness of our holy Creator and sinful state before him that deserves death, of the Savior who experienced such death in our place, and of the need to repent and trust in the One who died for our sins. My prayer is that you’ll come to Jesus at an early age and follow Him close. He is a holy God that desires to make the wonders of who He is known, and He is also a wonderfully abiding companion on this life’s journey. He will watch over, and I know that you are in very capable hands as He is your guide.

I love you very much, my little niece, and know that Melissa loves you, too! We are always here for you as you grow up. If you want to spend that night at our place, just call us. If you need a listening ear, just know you’ll always have Uncle Kenny & Aunt Missy’s attention. Whether we are in Georgia, some other state, or halfway across the world, just know that you will always be in our thoughts and prayers, even when we can’t physically be with you.

Stay sweet, my dearest niece!

With Much Love,

Uncle Kenny

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