Friday, September 04, 2009

Outline of Matthew 5:3

Here is my proposed outline for Matthew 5:3. It's not "three points and a poem," because the text itself makes two basic assertions: it describes true believers as those who recognize their spiritual bankruptcy (and thus turn to God), and that the kingdom belongs to such folks.

The Humility of Kingdom Citizenry
--If you are a citizen of Christ's kingdom, you will have a God-given awareness of spiritual bankruptcy.

The Blessedness of Kingdom Citizenship--If you are aware of your spiritual bankruptcy, the kingdom is yours with all its rights and privileges.

Any thoughts or recommendations on preaching from this text?

By the way, I'm thoroughly enjoying Lloyd-Jones Studies in the Sermon on the Mount. I highly recommend it! I'm also looking forward to delving into a Spurgeon sermon on the passage and Jeremiah Burroughs commentary on the Beatitudes as a way to further prepare my heart for this passage. I've studied the text and hit the commentaries and will be writing the sermon soon, but I like to prepare my heart the night before a sermon by delving into some sermons and commentaries that will prepare my heart. Spurgeon is usually stirring, and I know enough of Jeremiah Burroughs to believe I'll be offered some serious points of application and meditation from his work.

Above all, please join me in praying. This week, for me, has been very trying for various reasons, so it has been one of those "out of season" sermon weeks. The need for grace is all the more apparent, for which I'm thankful to have such a reminder.

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