Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Reading List

I thought it might be wise to offer a brief explanation of my "What I'm Reading..." list at the right. On this list you'll find books that fall into each of these types:

  • Religious books with which I agree
  • Religious books with which I disagree
  • Contemporary, popular religious works that I am reading to evaluate
  • Fiction and literature that I read for fun
  • Fiction and literature that I read in order to learn and discipline my mind
  • Non-fiction works (history, culture, politics, etc.) that I read for personal interest and to be better informed
  • Various kinds of books that are recommended to me by others
  • And...books I'm not sure why I'm reading!

All that is to say that having a book on my current reading list might not constitute an endorsement. My goal is to avoid being myopic, and a diverse reading list will help accomplish such a goal.

You'll probably see many of these books on here for many months. Some of them are reference books that I turn to occasionally and might read one chapter a month.

Also, feel free to suggest a book and why you think it's worth a read, and you just might find it on my list one of these days.

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