Sunday, July 02, 2006

One Big Bubble

Okay, I must admit that this post has little to no relevance at all, except that I just wanted to have some fun in taking a pic. I think it's a nice headshot, don't you?

Seriously though, this it what happens when undergraduate Bible students are on summer break. Instead of pontificating on the New Perspective on Paul or delving into a large volume of B.B. Warfield's works, we tend to do silly things, like blow huge bubbles, take pictures of them, and upload them to the internet. For what it's worth, I hope you had least got a laugh out of it.

Of course, I was thinking of what it would be like for my favorite evangelical scholars and teachers wrote articles on the subject of bubble-blowing. Here are my silly little suggestions:

  • "Bubble-Blowing and the Glory of God: Being Satisfied in Christ Through Bubble-Blowing" (John Piper)
  • "Bubble-Blowing and Postmodernism: The Bubble of Truth vs. The Spirit of the Age" (Dr. R. Albert Mohler)
  • "The Invisible Bubble: The Providence of God in Bubble-Blowing" (R.C. Sproul)
  • "Charismatic Bubbles: A Call for Order in Bubble-Blowing" (John MacArthur)

Okay...That's about all of the creativity that I have for this evening...

If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to see them! If you have some other funny suggestions, leave them in the comments section on this entry for the rest of us to enjoy. Happy blogging!


Angela said...

hmmm. . . looks more like a planet alignment or the solar eclipse of your head--that is, with the spherical globe, your spherical noggin' and the spherical bubble in orbited linear position. "gum" for thought. . .

Kenny Wells said...

I guess it brings back memories of the song "Total Eclipse" that I sang in voice studio, doesn't it? lol

Matthew said...

With all our talk of the EC, I thought I'd make another suggestion to your list. How about "The Emerging Bubble: A Postmodern Narrative On the Experience and Journey of Bubble-Blowing."

Matthew said...

Kenny, with all our talk of the EC, I thought I'd make another suggestion to your list of titles. How about: "The Emerging Bubble: A Postmodern Narrative On How the Experience and Journey of Bubble-Blowing Taught Me To Live A Missional Life." Just some "Food" for thought!