Monday, June 26, 2006

KBC All-State Update

This past week’s Kentucky Baptist All-State Youth Choir blessed me tremendously, and I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to chaperone such a fine group of young adults! We sang at several churches this week, mostly to very small crowds, but it was a time of worship for us, regardless of the turn-out.

We did have a profession of faith this week. I pray that the Lord will continue to move in his life, and I invite you to pray for him as well.

Pray that the Lord will continue working in the lives of these young adults. I was saddened by the fact that we had to part ways, and I realize that there’s a real possibility that I will not see some of them ever again this side of heaven. However, I find comfort in knowing that the sovereign Lord of the universe has them in His hands, and His hands are strong to save and eager to sanctify.

Pray that each of these young adults will stay active in their churches and grow in their walk with the Lord. It’s easy for youth to fool chaperones while on a church trip. While my group was very well-behaved and seemed sincere in their faith, I fully realize that some of them may be totally lost. The ones that are true believers will often be tempted to shirk the church and stray from following Christ during their college years. Pray that the lost will be saved and the saved will be edified.

I do apologize for not having any profound thoughts in this post. My main desire was simply to update everyone about the trip and to officially say that I’m back. And, to those that have prayed for this event, thank you so much!

Finally, I just want to offer a public word of thanks to David Gagel, the youth music consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, for organizing such a wonderful trip! He has a heart for these kids, and it really shows! So, thanks so much David for the impact that you have made in the lives of these youth from all over the state!

My only complaint is that I have to wait a whole year to do it again…

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